Microplate Sealing Films That Work


Microplate sealing films

When you carry out testing such as PCR, products like microplate sealing films should be a non-issue, they need to be a routine part of experimentation that is not problematic. Designing and executing experiments, utilising equipment and interpreting data is challenging enough, you do not need to be wrestling with unreliable or malfunctioning lab consumables.

Quality Control

We decided to produce a ‘trouble shooting’ article to help end users by providing solutions to any problems they might experience when using our sealing films. Like all good scientists, we began with research. We asked our customers to tell us about any issues they had experienced. We wanted to make sure we ‘hit the nail on the head’ and produce a pragmatic guide with precise solutions to actual issues.

Here are the findings: No issues reported.

Good Quality, Reliable Sealing Films

We know that our PCR plate sealing films are safe, reliable and good quality, so we must admit, we were not surprised. Now that we’ve started the troubleshooting article, we really ought to include some tips!


If you do experience problems related to your sealing film here are some possible causes and solutions:

False positives: Could be caused by ineffective sealing leading to cross-contamination Sample loss/reduction: Ensure thorough sealing at each well and around edges Failure to stick to plate: May need more pressure or use of a QuickSeal Roller. For high adhesive sealing and high throughput, the process can be automated.  

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