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New! Stick to all!

New! Stick to all!

Peelable and Pierceable Foil Laminate Heat Seals to stick to the most difficult MicroPlate material surfaces including C.O.C (Aurora – black).

IST Scientific LLP has just launched 2 new heat sealing foils for MicroPlate Sealing,  that will adhere to the most difficult surfaces. Among these are the Brookes Aurora Black acoustic plates and the Corning non-binding variety.

PeelASeal Foil Super is the peelable foil version, used also for storage & transport due to its laminate composition. It has good solvent resistance (DMSO) and can be used at -80cC to 110C.

PierceASeal Foil Super is essentially a pierceable aluminium foil, but due to its proprietary heat sealing formulation, it can also be peeled. It can be used at -80C to 80C.

Thursday, 17 July 2014