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New Hi Strength Seal Removal Tape

New Hi Strength Seal Removal Tape

IST develops it’s all new D-Seal – high performance MicroPlate Seal Removal Tape.Self -wound on a 76mm (3”) core, with tension locating bar, this 100M roll at 85mm wide is packed 5 rolls per carton and is an improved replacement for the Nexus Biosystems XTape. D-Seal is fully compatible with the Nexus X-Peel automatic de-sealer.

The process of automatically removing seals from plates has become more popular due to the repetitive task of removing plate seals, which can potentially lead to cross contamination, repetitive motion injuries & plate/seal damage.

D-Seal Tape boasts an IST Scientific LLP proprietary adhesive formulation, offering an extremely hi-tack & consistent peel. Place your order on-line: IST-301-085DS

Sunday, 7 August 2016