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Planning an effective laboratory refurbishment

Wednesday, 15th Jan 2020

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When it comes to good laboratory design, there isn’t a one size fits all solution. When planning a laboratory refurbishment, we work with our customers to establish their individual needs and how we can help them optimise their lab space before identifying a layout that best suits them.


Multiple stakeholders are often involved in the decisions around re-designing a lab, from facilities managers and health and safety staff, to end users and lab managers. Taking each member of staff’s unique insight on board allows us to make the space as productive and cost effective as it can be. This early stage research guides our decisions around the spatial planning of a laboratory refurbishment, the casework needed for the equipment, the power, data and back up requirements to allow the lab to operate smoothly and the plumbing and heating needed within the space.

Safety is paramount in a lab environment and there are many potential risks, such as trip and fire hazards, that can be avoided by a well-designed lab which doesn’t distract it’s users with the need to look out for potential dangers. These include having safety features to hand and ensuring the layout accommodates the required size of the lab and has the flexibility to expand in areas such as storage to ensure there is no overspill of equipment, chemicals or other items into common areas.

It is the type and quantity of work undertaken in the space that will dictate the overall design of the lab. For instance labs that use chemicals need control areas to ensure their safe use. These control areas should be designed in such a way that allows for future change in lab use and/or potential increase in chemicals. Flexible use should also be considered when planning the lab layout by ensuring each piece of equipment has a route to an exit and isn’t blocked in by furniture or permanent fixtures.

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