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Explore our comprehensive assortment of PCR plates, ideal for varied laboratory needs, including advanced PCR applications and storage. Our catalogue features an extensive range of both skirted and semi-skirted polypropylene well plates, including extra-volume PCR plates. These plates are customisable for specific applications and available in configurations free from DNA, DNase, and RNase.

Browse our collection of PCR plates, available in well-counts from 96 to 384. Our selection includes various well-bottom designs like the low-profile, standard-profile, and increased volume options, all autoclavable and designed to prevent warping and distortion during PCR. These plates are perfect for applications such as thermal cycling, enzymatic digestions, ethanol precipitation, liquid extraction, and long-term sample storage.

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Welcome to iST Scientific, your trusted provider of premium PCR plates and essential laboratory equipment, serving the diverse requirements of laboratories throughout the United Kingdom. Our range includes PCR plates engineered for exceptional performance and reliability in a variety of scientific processes.

Explore the Versatility of Our PCR Plates

Our PCR plates are autoclavable, ensuring they are perfect for a variety of laboratory applications that require sterility. Specifically designed for PCR and post-PCR applications such as enzymatic digestions and ethanol precipitation, these plates feature advanced designs like low-profile wells and increased volume capacities. Their construction prevents warping and distortion during PCR, crucial for maintaining a contamination-free environment in sensitive procedures. Whether for thermal cycling, liquid extraction, or long-term sample storage, our microplates are engineered to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Types of Storage PCR Plates

Explore our wide array of PCR plates, including semi-skirted and fully-skirted plates with specialised designs such as pyramid bottoms for optimal liquid extraction, V-bottoms for accurate sample recovery, low-profile for reduced volume applications, and U-bottoms for effective mixing. Our selection includes 96 well and 384 well setups. These plates are ideal for various PCR applications, from high-throughput screening to detailed analytical assays. Each design is crafted to enhance your laboratory's efficiency, offering the versatility and reliability needed to support advanced research demands.

Customised PCR Plate Solutions for Enhanced Laboratory Efficiency

At iST Scientific, we specialise in developing custom PCR plate solutions tailored to the specific needs of your laboratory. With over three decades of expertise, we focus on designing and manufacturing PCR plates that align seamlessly with your research requirements. Our process emphasises meticulous precision from initial design consultation to ensuring full sterilisation compatibility, delivering high-quality, ready-to-use products. Trust in our industry-leading experience and unwavering commitment to excellence to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations and optimise performance.

Superior Quality and Precision in PCR Plates

iST Scientific is distinguished for its outstanding quality and precision in the production of laboratory consumables and PCR plates. We subject each of our plates to rigorous quality control procedures to ensure they adhere to the highest standards of reliability and consistency. Renowned globally, our PCR plates offer the reliability that researchers trust, providing the confidence needed for critical scientific experiments. With iST Scientific, you can conduct your research with the utmost accuracy and assurance.

Personalised Service and Expedited Delivery

At iST Scientific, our committed team provides personalised assistance to help you choose and customise the perfect PCR plates for your laboratory's specific research requirements. From your first inquiry to the delivery of our products, we are dedicated to offering outstanding support and swift service. Reach out to us for expert help and experience rapid, efficient delivery that ensures your laboratory functions at its best.

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Become part of a growing network of researchers who trust iST Scientific for their crucial laboratory requirements. Reach out to find out how our PCR plates can elevate your research, or simply request a quote online. See for yourself how our commitment to quality, reliability, and outstanding service can dramatically improve the efficiency and output of your lab operations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Storage PCR Plates

What is a storage PCR plate?

A storage PCR plate is a specialised type of plate designed for use in PCR and qPCR applications. These plates are compatible with most thermal cyclers and are specifically crafted to store samples securely.

Storage PCR plates often feature clear, thin-walled wells which enhance sample visibility, allowing for easy monitoring and analysis. The design of these plates ensures that they can maintain the integrity of samples over time, making them ideal for both short-term and long-term storage under various laboratory conditions.

What is the best way to seal PCR plates?

The best way to seal PCR plates is through the use of adhesive or heat seals, depending on your specific requirements and the nature of your experiments.

Adhesive films are a quick and convenient option, providing a secure seal to prevent sample evaporation and contamination. They are particularly suitable for low-throughput applications and can be easily applied and removed.

For higher throughput settings or when dealing with more sensitive assays, heat sealing is recommended. Heat sealing equipment uses precise temperature control to bond a film over the plate, creating a tight seal that is more durable and resistant to evaporation and cross-contamination. This method is ideal for long-term storage and high-temperature applications.

Both methods ensure the integrity and stability of your samples during PCR and qPCR applications.

What are the different types of PCR plates?

PCR plates are designed to meet varied experimental demands, differentiated by features like well-volume, well bottoms and configuration. Standard PCR plates usually have 200-300 microliter wells and come in 96-well or 384-well formats for typical or high-throughput applications, respectively.

Low-profile PCR plates feature reduced well volumes to enhance thermal cycling efficiency, while skirted and semi-skirted PCR plates offer stability and ease of use with automation systems.

Deep-well plates are suitable for larger volume needs and are useful in the preparatory stages of experiments. Each type is optimised for compatibility with different thermal cyclers, ensuring researchers can select the ideal plate based on specific needs such as well volume, thermal efficiency, and laboratory workflow requirements.

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