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How To Distribute Bio-Medical Microplate Products Successfully

How To Distribute Biomedical Microplate Products Successfully

A Basic Introduction Into The History Of Microplates In HT Screening And Quantitative Biology The first microplate was originally conceived and designed in the lab of Dr Gyula Takatsy in 1950, for the purpose of serological testing of the influenza virus (1). The  6 x 12 cup (72 well) plate was developed to help automate [...]

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Bringing Life into Life Sciences

Research and Development: Bringing the ‘Life’ into Life Sciences

‘Life science’ is such an interesting phrase. When you think about it, most scientists, researchers, doctors, or developers might argue that their field is about life science, because what is science if not an avenue to explore the depth and breadth of life and our experience of living it? However, the ‘life sciences’ takes that [...]

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iST Scientific – supplying 5.2 million Covid-19 PCR plate tests

iST Scientific celebrates supplying 5.2 million specialist micro-plate sealing films - vital components in Covid-19 PCR tests across the globe.  This equates to HALF A BILLION individual wells being used through the PCR process. iST’s exclusive PeelASeal Super Heat-Sealing Film has enabled vital Covid-19 tests to be delivered to customers in Taiwan, the United Kingdom [...]

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