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iST-205 QuickSeal A2000


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The QuickSeal A2000 is a reliable instrument providing high adhesive sealing throughput. It allows for manual use as well as robotic integration giving the flexibility you require. The variable roller sealing pressure ensures consistent sealing with minimal user intervention.

Key Features

• Integrator friendly with a RS232 interface.
• Compatible with the entire iST Scientific adhesive sealing film range.
• Touch Screen allows fast and easy manual operation as a standalone product.
• Automatically adjustable and can be used with a wide range of microplates and tube rack
with plate stage inserts to allow use of more unusual microplate types as well as variable
roller pressure sensors.
• With fast sealing times allows 300 plates to be sealed per hour.
• Able to use all seal types across a large number of applications.
• Engineered with robustness in mind.

Technical Specification

Weight: 28kgs
Plate Heights: SBS 7mm to 48mm
Power Supply: 110/220
AC Accuracy: +/- 0.25mm
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Foil type: Backed Adhesive Roll
Air Supply: 85psi (5.5Bar) 85LPM
Orientation: Landscape
Dimensions: W 594mm x D 433mm x H 370mm
Sealing adaptors: Height and base support
Application speed: Approx. 3 plates per min

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