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iST-207 HeatASeal A1000E


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An automated heat sealer offering fast sealing, increased process customization and all electric operation improving reliability and reducing noise. Offering complete versatility, the A1000E will work with a wide range of plates, shallow and deep well formats, tube racks, and custom mouldings. It has a compact footprint and top-loaded seal rolls are easily loaded without the aid of tools. With the ability to program sealing time, temperature, pressure, foil length and sealing distance the A1000E offers complete customization of the sealing process for a wide range of applications. The A1000E is equipped with both on-board touch screen operation, savable protocols for bench top use, an RS232 port and included programming parameters for robotic integration.

Key Features

  • Increase productivity and throughput sealing up to 3 plates per minute
  • Seal plates from 8 mm to 46 mm in height with no height adapters required
  • Compatible with high throughput automated applications
  • Touchscreen Control and Parameter Customization
  • Precise control over sealing parameters to ensure repeatability
  • Easily integrated into automation or robotics workflow
  • 15 saved protocols to customize and recall for efficient flexibility
  • Customize, sealing time and temperature, force or distance of the seal and length of foil applied
  • Electrically Driven
  • No internal or external air source, vacuum source, or peristaltic pump required
  • Reduced risk of contamination inherent in pneumatically driven sealers
  • Quieter operation when compared to pneumatically controlled systems
  • Tool free loading makes reloading foil simple and repeatable

Technical Specification

Dimension (WxDxH) 235 mm (W) x 506 mm (D) x 518 mm (H)
Weight 25 kg
Speed 30 seconds per plate
Power Supply 110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Air Requirement N/A
Air Input Pressure N/A
Vacuum Source Requirement N/A
Sealing Temperature Range Ambient to 199 °C
Operating Temperature Range 15 °C to 40 °C
Operating Humidity Range 10-80% Non Condensing
Sealing Plate Height 8 mm to 46 mm
Foil Length per plate 119 mm – 128 mm
Sealing Time 0.5 to 9.9 seconds

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