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IST-130 QuickSeal qPCR Crystal UltraTM Self Adhesive Sealing Films

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Use with the following Equipment: KAPS 500 / Sealit 100 / Manual Roller IST-202-102HR




Crystal clear adhesive film which benefits from pressure activated adhesive. This seal is DMSO resistant, peelable; suitable for qPCR and other imaging techniques including crystallization.

  • Crystal clear seal specifically developed for optical applications, particularly qPCR
  • It is non sticky when removed from the packaging; this aids handling when wearing gloves
  • The adhesive is contained within small capsules, allowing light to pass through to ensure the optical clarity of the seal
  • When the seal is in position, pressure can be applied to burst the capsules, releasing a strong adhesive only where the seal touches the raised well rims of the plate – the rest of the seal area above the wells remains optically clear
  • For all adhesive seals, the best sealing results are achieved using our Hand Roller or KAPS 500 Auto Sealer

Key Features

  • Non-pierceable
  • Crystal Clear
  • Peelable
  • Seal integrity range: -40 °C to 121 °C


  • Applications: qPCR and other fluorescent applications, plate readers, microscopy and protein crystallization (96 or 384 well)
  • Removal: will not leave a sticky residue on the plate surface following removal


Part Number                  Description

IST-130-080LR                 1 Roll, 100M x 80mm

IST-130-080SR                 1 Roll, 100M x 80mm

IST-130-080LS                 100 Sheets, 140mm x 80mm

IST-130-080SS                 100 Sheets, 140mm x 80mm

IST-130-080TS                 5 Trial Sheets, 140mm x 80mm

Data Sheet

IST-130 QuickSeal qPCR Crystal Ultra Data Sheet

Apply with this Equipment

Compatible with 80mm Rolls – KAPS 500 Auto Sealer

Compatible with Sheets – QuickSeal Hand Roller

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