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iST Scientific is a leading supplier of innovative laboratory equipment and consumables in the life sciences industry, with a special focus on manufacturing and distributing microplates and sealing films.

With a commitment to quality, iST remains at the forefront of the industry by offering a reliable supply of heat sealing films and self-adhesive sealing films that are both high volume and high quality.

iST’s range of semi-skirted, full skirted, and non-skirted microplates are designed to support various applications, including PCR and qPCR. These microplates and sealing films help to reduce the time and cost of experiments, while improving data accuracy and increasing lab efficiency

Furthermore, iST aims to provide a full array of products including desktop equipment ranging from manual hand rollers through to fully automatic electric heat sealing equipment. This allows customers to find everything they need in one convenient location.

iST Scientific strives to provide excellent customer service and efficient supply chain management to help their customers achieve their research and testing goals. By offering a wide range of laboratory equipment and supplies, iST Scientific aims to be the go-to supplier for companies in the life sciences industry.

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About Us | iST Scientific


iST Scientific is dedicated to elevating the Life Sciences field through cutting-edge laboratory equipment and consumables.

Our focus on innovation and reliability in microplates, sealing films, and sealing equipment aims to redefine quality standards, empowering scientists to make breakthroughs and drive progress in their research.


iST Scientific envisions advancing science and research globally by fostering breakthroughs and innovations.

We are dedicated to empowering scientists with cutting-edge laboratory solutions, exceptional support, and a commitment to making a meaningful impact on society.


iST Scientific is on a mission to be the primary destination for tailored testing and storage consumables.

Our commitment is to continuously design and manufacture optimal solutions, ensuring unmatched performance and reliability. By meeting the unique needs of every lab and researcher, we empower scientists to achieve their goals with confidence.


| Expertise in the Life Sciences Industry

With more than 30 years of experience and expertise as a top laboratory equipment supplier, iST Scientific is unmatched by our competitors in capabilities and product range. Our experience enables us to continuously innovate and discover new solutions that maximise laboratory efficiency.

Some of the most successful pharmaceutical companies in the world rely on us to deliver the right solution and we always maintain our flexibility and adaptability to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Choose iST Scientific and experience the best in laboratory equipment and support.

| Our Core Values

Operating two manufacturing sites within the UK, reliability and certainty of supply are part of our core values. Our unique product testing and validation service reduces costs by selecting the right product for the right application, applied in the right way. Our commitment to science and new technologies will enable us to offer you the most up-to-date products, now and in the future – trust us, you are in safe hands.


| Exceptional Customer Service

The team at iST Scientific believe that busy laboratory professionals deserve nothing but the best in products and customer service. We are constantly developing products and processes to ensure a hassle-free streamlined experience for each customer.

Set in an excellent location with easy access to airports and major motor links, iST Scientific is ideally positioned to provide exceptional service to our customers, including a same day dispatch service.

Quality. Flexibility. Speed.

Your premier laboratory supplier, crafting and delivering inspiring spaces with precision and expertise.

iST Scientific is an innovative, family-run company within the Life Sciences Industry, specialising in building and equipping laboratories through effective laboratory layout and design.

In 2014, iST Lab, a division of iST Scientific that specialises in complete laboratory layout and design was born to meet the need for cost-effective, inspiring laboratory spaces that enable busy users to operate at maximum efficiency.

With a clear strategy and vision of being the market leader in hassle-free laboratory delivery, iST Lab has worked with many clients, not only fulfilling their requirements, but going beyond expectation. We focus on providing the highest quality whilst maintaining cost-effectiveness.

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iST Scientific has over 3 decades of experience in creating tailored solutions, providing the perfect fit for our clients.