Our mission is to provide hassle-free lab design and fit-outs.

We keep the process simple. iST Lab operates a ‘1,2,3’ process to transform your space. From the outset, our team maintain flexibility to suit your arrangements and deliver quality, quickly.

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Members of the IST Lab team will meet with the clients to get a greater understanding on how the laboratory is to be used and how efficiency can be improved. A site visit to measure and photograph the intended space enables our designers to visually create a lab design which goes beyond expectations and fully meets the clients requirements.

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Design & Manufacture

We design a laboratory that utilizes all of the space available and creates the best solution in maximizing the laboratories operating efficiency. 3D design platforms assists the client to visualize their transformed space and make adjustments to customize their look and feel. Once the ultimate transformation has been finalized by the client, the laboratory is manufactured ready for delivery.

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With dedicated project managers, IST Lab oversees the delivery and installation of the new laboratory. Being highly flexible, we collaborate with clients to ensure a fast and easy completion with minimal disruption. Our core focuses of quality, flexibility and speed are maintained throughout as we hand-over a transformed space that inspires and increases productivity.

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