Buy Microplate Sealing Equipment Online

Order high quality microplate sealing equipment for sealing different types of microplates (deep, shallow, skirted, semi-skirted and non-skirted), tube racks, custom mouldings and more with different sealing films.

Explore our high quality range of equipment for applying different types of sealing films with consistency, high throughput, and minimal sample interference.

Our manual sealing film rollers are highly recommended to ensure even pressure is applied across the adhesive seal for complete and secure application to your plate.

Automated sealing machines can be used for self adhesive sealing film as well as heat and/or pressure sealing film application and allow you to program sealing time, temperature, pressure, foil length and sealing distance offering complete customization of the sealing process for a wide range of applications.

iST Scientific LLP. is a leading supplier of high quality equipment. Contact us to discuss your microplate sealing equipment requirements or order online today and enjoy fast delivery across the United Kingdom.

Heat Sealing Equipment

iST-207 HeatASeal A1000E

Heat Sealing Equipment

iST-208 HeatASeal S800