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Explore our wide range of sealing equipment, including fully electric, semi-automatic, and manual sealers for applying different types of sealing films with consistency, high throughput, and minimal sample interference.

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Welcome to iST Scientific, your destination for state-of-the-art microplate sealing machines and essential laboratory equipment supporting the experimental needs of laboratories across the United Kingdom.

Our catalogue offers a suite of sealing machines with exceptional automation, versatility, and efficiency for diverse applications.

Sealing Machine Lab Applications

iST Scientific's advanced sealing machines are engineered for comprehensive laboratory applications, seamlessly accommodating an array of microplate formats such as deep-well, shallow-well, skirted, semi-skirted, and non-skirted plates, in addition to tube racks and bespoke mouldings.

These versatile machines are proficient in applying a diverse range of sealing films, including self-adhesive film for quick applications and heat sealing film or pressure sealing film for enhanced durability.

This capability ensures optimal sealing performance across various research and diagnostic tasks, promoting consistency, maximising throughput, and safeguarding sample integrity with minimal interference, thereby meeting the rigorous demands of modern laboratory workflows.

Sealing Machine Features & Automation

iST Scientific's range of sealing machines combines state-of-the-art technology with user-centric design, offering fully electric and semi-automatic models alongside precision manual rollers.

Key features include adjustable sealing parameters—temperature, pressure, time, and foil length—to accommodate diverse microplate formats and sealing film types.

Advanced automation capabilities allow seamless integration into existing workflows, enhancing efficiency and consistency. The inclusion of touchscreen interfaces and programmable settings further simplifies operation, ensuring reliable, high-throughput sealing

Custom Solutions for Peak Performance

iST Scientific excels in crafting bespoke sealing solutions tailored to the unique workflows of your lab. With a rich history spanning over three decades, we specialise in designing and manufacturing customised sealing machines and films that perfectly align with your specific requirements.

Our process involves collaborative design, precision engineering, and adaptable features to ensure seamless integration and optimal functionality. Committed to innovation and quality, we deliver solutions that enhance efficiency, reliability, and performance, surpassing expectations and upholding industry standards.

Peerless Reliability and Craftsmanship

iST Scientific is a trusted supplier of laboratory consumables, renowned for our commitment to unparalleled reliability and craftsmanship. Each sealing machine undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring consistent and dependable performance that supports your research with utmost accuracy and reliability.

Dedicated Support and Expedited Dispatch

At iST Scientific, we prioritise providing personalised support, ensuring you find the perfect sealing solution for your lab's specific needs. Our team offers expert advice, from selection to customisation, to streamline your operations. With our commitment to expedited dispatch, we guarantee fast delivery, minimising downtime and enhancing your lab's productivity.

Reach out for dedicated assistance and experience our rapid shipping service, designed to keep your research moving forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sealing Machines

What is a sealing machine?

A sealing machine is a device used in laboratories to securely seal microplates, tube racks, and custom mouldings, preventing sample evaporation and cross-contamination. These machines can handle various microplate types, sealing materials and sealing films, including deep, shallow, skirted, semi-skirted, and non-skirted plates, with options for heat, pressure, or adhesive sealing.

Available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automated heat sealer and microplate sealer models, sealing machines offer customisable settings. This includes custom settings for sealing time, temperature, and pressure, ensuring consistent, reliable seals tailored to specific research, application and storage requirements, thereby enhancing laboratory efficiency and sample integrity.

How do I choose a sealing machine?

Selecting the right sealing machine involves considering your laboratory’s specific needs, including the types of microplates used (deep, shallow, skirted, semi-skirted, non-skirted), the sealing film type (heat, pressure, adhesive), and the volume of samples processed.

Evaluate whether manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated models best suit your throughput requirements.

Also, consider the machine's compatibility with your microplates and whether customisable settings for time, temperature, and pressure are necessary for your applications.

Ultimately, choose a machine that aligns with your research, application, and storage needs to enhance efficiency and ensure sample integrity.

How many types of sealing machines are there?

There are primarily three types of sealing machines used in laboratories: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automated.

Manual sealers require direct user intervention for each seal or optimal robotic integration, ideal for low-throughput needs. Semi-automatic machines balance user involvement with some automated features, suitable for medium-volume applications. Fully automated sealers offer the highest efficiency and consistency, perfect for high-throughput environments.

Additionally, these categories encompass heat sealers, adhesive film sealers, and pressure sealers, designed to meet various sealing requirements and microplate specifications.