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Dive into our range of non-skirted PCR plates, perfect for your lab’s specific requirements. Our collection features autoclavable polypropylene plates, offering customisable choices and select varieties free from DNA, DNase, and RNase.

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Welcome to iST Scientific, your top choice for quality non-skirted well plates and vital laboratory equipment, serving the diverse requirements of laboratories throughout the United Kingdom.

Our collection includes PCR plates designed for exceptional performance and reliability in various laboratory applications.

Versatile Applications of Non-Skirted Microplates

Our non-skirted and autoclavable microplates, designed for a multitude of applications, are ideal for standard thermal cycling and essential post-PCR activities such as enzymatic digestion and ethanol precipitation. These well plates cater to various laboratory requirements with their flexible and efficient design.

Microplate Sterilisation Compatibility

At iST Scientific, we recognise the importance of sterility for precise laboratory outcomes. Our non-skirted microplates are adeptly crafted for use with an autoclave, accommodating the stringent demands of high-temperature sterilisation.

Opting for our non-skirted well plates guarantees a sterile experimental environment, securing contamination-free results and boosting your laboratory's efficiency.

Customised Solutions for Optimal Results

At iST Scientific, we are committed to providing custom solutions that precisely meet the unique requirements of your laboratory. With over 30 years of experience, we specialise in creating bespoke non-skirted microplate options tailored to suit your specific experimental needs.

Our approach includes collaborative design, precise manufacturing, and thorough compatibility with sterilisation processes, ensuring high-quality, ready-to-use microplates.

Harnessing our deep industry knowledge and dedication to excellence, we deliver solutions that meet and surpass your expectations.

Exceptional Quality and Trusted Reliability

As a premier supplier of laboratory consumables, iST Scientific consistently upholds the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our non-skirted microplates undergo extensive testing to ensure consistent performance, providing researchers with the assurance and confidence needed for their crucial work.

Customised Assistance and Speedy Delivery

Our dedicated team is focused on providing specialised support to help you find the perfect non-skirted microplate for your lab requirements.

From selecting the right plate to customisation options, we are here to assist you. With our swift shipping services, we ensure your order arrives promptly, keeping your laboratory work flowing smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Skirted Microplates

What is a non-skirted microplate?

A non-skirted well plate is a type of microplate designed without extended edges (skirts). This design allows them to be easily compatible with most thermal cyclers, making them ideal for PCR and qPCR applications.

These plates can be sealed using self-adhesive seals or heat seals to prevent sample evaporation and contamination. Non-skirted microplates offer flexibility for various laboratory setups and are commonly used in molecular biology for their adaptability and ease of handling in thermal cycling processes.

What is the difference between skirted and non-skirted PCR plates?

The key difference between skirted and non-skirted PCR plates lies in their design. Skirted PCR plates have extended edges or 'skirts', providing greater stability and rigidity, making them suitable for automation and high-throughput screening.

Non-skirted PCR plates, in contrast, lack these extended edges, offering a more compact design. This makes them more adaptable to a variety of thermal cyclers and easier to trim if necessary.

Both types of plates are used in molecular biology for PCR applications, with the choice depending on the specific requirements of the experiment and equipment compatibility.