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Explore our range of high quality microplate sealing films are suitable for a variety of applications from general sample incubation and cell culture to sealing PCR plates, and for sample storage.

Our range of sealing films includes chemical resistant sealing films, foil sealing films and breathable sealing films with a variety of sealing methods such as heat sealable sealing films, self adhesive sealing films, pressure sensitive sealing films, extraction tube sealing films and more. to ensure that we have the right film for your laboratory application.

iST Scientific Ltd. is a leading supplier of high quality sealing films, and microplates. Contact us to discuss your microplate sealing film needs or order online today and enjoy fast delivery across the United Kingdom.


Heat Sealable Sealing Films

iST-104 Strip PeelASeal Heat Seals


Heat Sealable Sealing Films

IST-102 ClearASeal WeldTM Heat Sealing Film


Heat Sealable Sealing Films

IST-104 PeelASeal FoilTM Heat Sealing Film


Heat Sealable Sealing Films

IST-108 ThermASeal FoilTM Heat Sealing Film


Extraction Tube Sealing Films

IST-300 96 Extraction Tube Sealing Film