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Exo-Frame, Abi-Style PCR 96 Well Plate
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ELISA, Incubations & Storage

96 Round Well
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Cell & Tissue Culture

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Cell & Long-Term Storage

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Auto Sampling

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F & L Seals

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Custom Sealing Solutions

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Heat Sealable Sealing Films

IST-104 PeelASeal FoilTM Heat Sealing Film

DMSO & Solvent Resistant

iST-128 QuickSeal qPCR Optical™

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With three decades of industry expertise, our unparalleled technology and capabilities in lab consumables set us apart from competitors. This experience empowers us to continually innovate, providing tailored solutions that enhance laboratory efficiency. Trusted by leading pharmaceutical companies, we remain adaptable to meet our clients’ evolving needs

At iST Scientific, we are committed to delivering the finest products and customer service to busy laboratory professionals. Our ongoing development of products and processes ensures a seamless experience for each customer. Conveniently located with easy access to airports and major motor links, iST Scientific is well-positioned to offer exceptional service, including same-day dispatch.

iST Scientific adheres to ISO 13485-2016 standards and operates ISO 7 clean rooms (class 10,000). Our rigorous management and monitoring processes ensure the implementation of robust quality systems, meeting the elevated technical requirements expected by our industry customers. We are also fully compliant with FDA and cGMP regulations.

With two UK sites equipped for substantial production escalation, we can swiftly fulfill your specific needs. Our pride lies in offering customized sealing films and rolls tailored to meet any customer requirement. This flexibility, coupled with our extensive production capacity, ensures that iST can be relied upon to deliver optimal solutions consistently to our business partners.

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Laboratory Consumables

iST Scientific is an innovative player in the Life Sciences Industry, providing top-notch sealing films and microplates. Our product proficiency allows us to supply laboratories and specialists with consumables tailored to their precise needs.

From customised products to smooth deliveries, we enhance the realm of science with a commitment to flexibility, quality, and rapid supply of lab consumables. Serving as the hassle-free one-stop shop for laboratory professionals globally, we ensure optimal efficiency in laboratory processes and user experience.

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Sealing Equipment

iST Scientific aim to provide a full range of desktop equipment to help maximise the efficiency of laboratory processes. Explore our range of equipment to suit your requirements or get in touch to find out more.

From manual heat sealers to Stacking Systems and Automatic Heat Sealers, iST provides the latest and top-quality laboratory equipment to fit your needs.

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