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Discover our specialised selection of chemical-resistant films, tailored for diverse laboratory demands. Our portfolio includes crystal clear DMSO and solvent-resistant options as well as varieties suitable for heat sealing and self-adhesion, ideal for applications ranging from qPCR to sample storage.

Explore chemical-resistant, peelable, and pressure-sensitive sealing films. Selected options are compatible with our microplate sealing equipment, enhancing efficiency and reliability in your laboratory operations.

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DMSO & Solvent Resistant

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Welcome to iST Scientific, your top source for exceptional DMSO and solvent-resistant microplate sealing films and specialised laboratory equipment, crafted to accommodate the varied requirements of laboratories throughout the United Kingdom.

Our extensive selection features a variety of chemical-resistant films, each precisely engineered to deliver superior performance and dependability across multiple applications.

Versatile Applications of Our Chemical-Resistant Sealing Films

Whether your lab activities involve qPCR, sample storage, or require optical clarity for fluorescence applications, our sealing films are designed to meet your needs. Our range includes options that are DMSO and solvent-resistant, optically clear, and suitable for both heat sealing and self-adhesion, catering to a broad spectrum of laboratory requirements.

Flexible Sealing Film Options

At iST Scientific, we recognise the need for adaptability in laboratory environments. Our chemical-resistant film collection encompasses heat-sealable options, self-adhesive films, pressure-sensitive types, and designs suitable for automated systems. Whatever your sealing requirements, we offer solutions that optimise your processes, guarantee secure seals, and improve efficiency.

Customisation Options for Enhanced Performance

At iST Scientific, we are dedicated to providing customisable solutions that perfectly suit the specific needs of your laboratory. With more than three decades of experience, we specialise in developing tailored sealing options that ensure an exact match for your requirements.

Our process encompasses detailed co-design, precision manufacturing, and thorough sterilisation to deliver superior, ready-to-use products. Leveraging our extensive industry expertise and commitment to excellence, we assure solutions that exceed your expectations.

Unparalleled Quality and Dependability

iST Scientific stands as a leading supplier of laboratory consumables, dedicated to providing products of exceptional quality and reliability. Our sealing films are rigorously tested to ensure they perform consistently, enabling you to conduct your research with complete confidence.

Expert Support and Rapid Delivery

Our knowledgeable team is ready to provide tailored assistance, helping you select the perfect sealing film for your laboratory's specific needs. Whether you need expert advice on our product range or support with custom options, we are here to guide you.

Plus, our expedited delivery service ensures that your products are delivered quickly, minimising downtime in your lab operations.

Reach out to our specialists today for tailored assistance and enjoy rapid delivery to streamline your laboratory processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chemical-Resistant Sealing Film

What is chemically resistant?

Chemically resistant materials are designed to withstand exposure to harsh chemicals without degrading. This includes resistance to various solvents, especially organic solvents, which are commonly used in laboratory settings.

Sealing films that are chemically resistant do not react with these solvents, ensuring that they maintain their integrity and functionality over time. Such resistance is crucial for applications involving frequent contact with aggressive substances, as it ensures that the films continue to provide a reliable barrier, protecting both the samples and the equipment from contamination or damage.

What is DMSO used for in laboratory experiments?

Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a powerful solvent widely used in laboratory experiments for its ability to dissolve many types of chemicals, including both polar and nonpolar substances.

In the context of chemically resistant films, DMSO's role is particularly crucial. These microplate sealing films need to withstand exposure to DMSO without degrading, ensuring they maintain their integrity and functionality. This resistance is essential for experiments where DMSO is used, whether to dissolve drugs in biological studies, facilitate reactions, or serve as a component in the storage and handling of samples, as it prevents the solvent from damaging the seals and contaminating the samples.