5 Innovative Trends in Life Sciences Right Now


While many people can look at life scientists and see their attention to the detail of their craft, the end goal is always the bigger picture: The betterment of humanity through improved health, deeper understanding, and looking toward the future.

Life sciences are always changing and evolving. Here are 5 of the most innovative and interesting trends in the life sciences right now.

Trend 1 – The Effects of COVID 

Like every other industry that has had to adapt, overcome, and re-think its outlookthe life sciences industry has had to change the way it thinks due to the pandemic. 

One of the main effects of COVID-19 on life sciences has been to scrutinise supply chains

The life science industry found itself adapting to a more localised structure with the increase in supply chains from China.

Trend 2 – The Rise of Personalised Medicine 

One of the biggest trends in the life sciences right now is personalized medicine.

This approach to medicine tailors treatments to the specific needs of each individual patient, based on their own personal genetic makeup.

The one-size-fits-all approach of traditional medicine is becoming obsolete. With new development and implementation into practice, a new revolutionizing treatment could change how we treat diseases forever.

Trend 3 – Lab Automation 

COVID-19 has made each profession and industry prioritise our health and safety in the workplace. What better way to ensure that there are as few humans present in an area than with automation?

Automation offers faster production, and more accurate results, and allows the humans who program and control these machines to better use their innovation to create newer and better ways to produce life sciences materials. 

Trend 4 – Lab Trial Progression 

A speeding-up of lab trials didn’t start in the wake of COVID-19.

Lab trial progression began during the 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic in West Africa. Ebola – the hyper-contagious and deadly disease – was in need of a vaccine fast.

The development of a vaccine to combat Ebola was integral in the implementation and success of COVID-19 trials.

Faster lab trials meant faster production. So life sciences have had to adapt to the demands of speed and accuracy

Trend 5 – Increased Investment in Life Science Research 

The UK Government realised that with increased investment and encouragement, the tragedies and loss of life that happened during the pandemic can be curtailed in the future.

As we have mentioned, life sciences thrive on innovation and an ambition to tackle the largest healthcare problems that we have to deal with.

With increased investment, these goals (and our collective health as a species) become a little easier.  

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